Ischia, the island of wonders in the Gulf of Naples, continues to surprise with recent curiosities that highlight its extraordinary beauty. Thanks to the efforts of researchers, new thermal springs with unique beneficial properties have been discovered, which attract more and more tourists seeking relaxation and well-being. These thermal waters, rich in minerals, are a true elixir of youth for the skin and body, offering an experience of refreshment and regeneration in an enchanting natural environment.

But Ischia is not just synonymous with spas. Recently, hiking enthusiasts have made interesting discoveries in its dense forests, spotting secret trails and breathtaking views. Walks along the ridges of the island reveal uncontaminated and enchanting landscapes, with spectacular views of the sea and the majestic beauty of Vesuvius.

The island is also famous for its charming villages, and thanks to conservation efforts, they have been restored to their former glory. The characteristic alleys, the centuries-old churches and the bright colors of the houses capture the imagination of visitors, transporting them to a postcard atmosphere.

The biodiversity of Ischia is equally surprising. Recent studies have revealed the presence of very rare species of birds and plants, making the island a true paradise for nature and ecotourism lovers.

In conclusion, Ischia is a pearl of southern Italy that continues to reveal its unexpected beauty with ever new curiosities. The beneficial thermal springs, the panoramic paths, the enchanting villages and the rich biodiversity are just some of the reasons why Ischia deserves to be discovered and loved by anyone who wants to live an authentic and unforgettable experience in the heart of the Mediterranean.


Ischia, the island that offers increasingly attractive advantages for its visitors! Recently, more efficient transport services have been introduced, making travel around the island easier and more comfortable. This allows tourists to easily explore all the beauty that Ischia has to offer, from idyllic beaches to rejuvenating spas.

Furthermore, environmental sustainability efforts are growing, with the adoption of eco-friendly practices in several facilities and activities on the island. This guarantees a greener and more responsible holiday, allowing visitors to enjoy the breathtaking nature of Ischia without compromising its ecological balance.

The presence of new accommodation facilities and high quality restaurants is another recent advantage for those who choose Ischia as a destination. The accommodations are increasingly comfortable and elegant, offering a refined and relaxing environment where you can spend a pleasant stay. The restaurants, on the other hand, offer authentic and delicious local cuisine, with fresh and genuine ingredients that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Finally, Ischia is known for its beneficial thermal springs, and modern spa centers and spas offer a wide range of healing and beauty treatments. These wellness services allow visitors to relax, regenerate and enjoy a holiday dedicated to their physical and mental well-being.

In summary, Ischia is an island that is evolving to guarantee its guests unforgettable and increasingly comfortable experiences. From ease of travel to environmental sustainability, from refined accommodation facilities to delicious cuisine and healing spas, Ischia continues to offer unique advantages appreciated by all those who wish to experience a holiday dedicated to relaxation, nature and well-being.